The ‘state’ of Virginia and the 2nd Amendment.

This past November the Democratic party managed to pull off a political trifecta of gaining majority control of the Commonwealth of Virginia…

The Democrats in power have proven that they are simply just going to do what they want. Their majority is not a huge one, 5 seats in one chamber and 2 seats in the other. Does this mean that they changed minds of Republicans and brought Independents into their fold? Well… no…
Let me preface this with saying that my mother’s family has roots in Virginia, we are in fact the decendents of Robert E. Lee’s slaves. My father’s side of the family came up from South Carolina in the early 1900’s to live in DC and they were field slaves from Cotton Plantations. My paternal Grandmother is an immigrant from Alsace-Lorraine (small area between France and Germany).

With that out of the way, the problem with Northern Virginia is that it’s effectively no longer “Virginia”. The sheer amount of legal immigrants and Government workers that have come to Fairfax County and the surrounding areas are effectively being used to flood voters in the area so that the Left can take power.

Why do I say this?

As a person with brown skin and ethnically ambiguous features who happens to be from a military family and spent the majority of my early years overseas, I’ve been bombarded with several statements about the Right Wing in the United States that seem to be repeated ad nauseum by the new comers in Northern VA. Essentially… Republicans are racist and look out only for the rich. If this is repeated from day 1 of a life in a new country without much representation of said Right Wingers in the area that has become essentially a new culture… then voting patterns are going to follow.

Why would anyone want to actively vote for racists?

Now this is also repeated by folks who have roots in Virginia, but to a lesser degree. With this in mind, the left has taken advantage of this phenomenon and are packing as many people as possible into Fairfax County/ Northern VA to get as many votes as possible and as many seats of government as possible. If you look at the district map, Fairfax County gets 10-12 seats while the same area in the rest of the state get 1. While the population density argument is valid in my opinion. The way that the recent election is being spun is that the STATE has gone blue… when that is not the case. The 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Map shows a more accurate depiction of how Red the State is.

A key point that the Democrats seem to have forgotten is that they have to govern everyone , not just 1-3 population centers. Their reaction to the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary movement and the malicious nature of the pre filed anti gun bills they have drafted prove that they are less about governing the whole of the state and more about imposing their will and viewpoints onto an unwilling populace.
In any other context, what has been done to Virginia would be considered oppression, and the population influx / change in Northern Virginia would be considered Gentrification.

Both are concepts the left appears to be against until it’s applied to the people they hate. (The Right/ Gun Owners).

I’ll start going over each individual bill and what is wrong with them tomorrow.