The KRISS Vector Project is finally complete!

After about 2+ years , I can finally say that the KRISS Vector 9mm SBR Project is finally complete.

Out of all the SBRs that I have received the stamps for and put together, this one was the most nerve wracking.

First, part of the reason that I chose the KRISS Vector for the new SBR project was due to the stock design that an AR Buffer tube could be easily attached to the pistol version of the KRISS. (The KRISS Vector SDP). The capped end of the KRISS SDP has the threads and retention screws for the easy installation of the aforementioned AR Buffer Tube. However, removing the end cap and exposing the desired threaded area was significantly harder to modify than initially was presented. This caused the end cap that remained to be a bit more scratched up than I would have liked.

Once the end cap was removed, installing the AR Buffer tube and then the stock was simple. The next issue that popped up was relatively minor, but one that I felt needed to be addressed. There wasn’t really a sling point on the back end of the new SBR. Since the buffer tube was hollow, all that was really needed was a simple hole to be drilled through it and a Blue Force tactical sling point to be threaded through and secured.

Sling point achieved.

With the KRISS Vector SBR complete, the next issue would be found during the initial function test.
Casings were ejecting in an inconsistent manner, some casings where getting mangled by being pushed forward into the ejection port by the bolt, etc.

After several hundred rounds (this stung the wallet), replacing the extractor and ejection port, the resolution ended up being a bit unorthodox. The recoil spring appeared to be applying too much pressure on the bolt, so 2 inches was cut off it. Now the KRISS functions without issue.
The only gripe I have at this point is that it won’t cycle 124 grain 9mm very well.

Was it worth it?

Initially… yes… but in the long run we shall see…