The Argument of “Need”…

We’ve all heard it… in one form or another.

Someone inevitably states “But you don’t Need a gun/firearm/AR15/Semi Automatic” etc etc.  It also seems that no matter how someone answers that statement. No matter what facts or supporting evidence that is used… the proof of “need” is generally never satisfied by the person making the Need argument/claim.

Here’s why…

Without stating what items are necessary to satisfy the “Need” argument, a person can literally argue “Need” for or against literally anything. Without quantifying “Need” , the “Need” argument/claim is essentially open ended. Whether a person accepts the argument/claim is purely arbitrary.

When businesses or any managed entity has to make decisions based on a “Need”. There’s always requirements/stipulations/qualifiers that need to be met in order for that particular “Need” to be satisfied.

For example : Allen and Son LLC needed 2 laptops for business operations.

These laptops need to be:

-Under $400

-Has a Windows 10 OS


If those three items are required to be satisfied before “Need” is met, then we have a basis to debate and make a decision. This same scenario with no requirements would both qualify all laptops but at the same time leave it completely valid to deny any laptop arbitrarily as well.

It’s the same scenario with my personal selection of firearms.

For example:

I am looking for a handgun that needs to have these characteristics:

-DA/SA Trigger


-All Metal Frame

From this I can argue that a Sig P226 satisfies my “Need”. At the same time I can also argue that a Glock 17 does not satisfy my “Need” as they’re not DA/SA, does not have a decocker and does not have a All Metal Frame.

Another example:

I am looking for a Semi Automatic, Magazine Fed Rifle, Chambered in a 30 Caliber round, with a adjustable stock. This same rifle can be used in defense situations and hunting deer sized game and larger.

-Semi Automatic

-Magazine Fed

-30 Caliber

-Adjustable stock

-Self Defense/ Hunting Utility

With these requirements a person can definitively argue for a DPMS AR308,  and if the Adjustable Stock  requirement isn’t necessary a PTR 91 could also be argued for. At the same time, we can shelve a Remington 700 based on it not fitting the requirements for “Need” in this case.

Now… let’s bring this back to the “Need” argument that we all have been hearing. The next time that someone says you don’t “Need” something… before engaging them… ask a simple question.

“What satisfies Need in your opinion?”


Just some food for thought!