Some thoughts about 10/27/19’s range time…

Today was a Sunday that was a little different from the norm. After attending a friend’s funeral, I couldn’t really tolerate spending the rest of the day in the mundane ways I generally spend winding down a Sunday. I grabbed my late friend’s favorite firearms (or as close as I could to them) and hit the big range over in Manassas,VA.
The purpose of this post really isn’t to lament my late friend, but to give my thoughts on something else specifically. It’s been over a year since I’ve dusted off my “AK” pattern rifles. I’ve generally just been running my AR15s of various configurations and setups. The Carbine clinic that I took part in recently, specifically was geared towards AR15, so brining an ‘AK’ type rifle wasn’t really viable.
Fortunately enough, my late friend REALLY loved her Zastava NPAP. I let her shoot one years ago and she absolutely loved it. Now, in all honesty I grabbed the wrong gun. I thought I packed away my Zastava, but instead picked up my Century. The difference between these two rifles is actually noticeably, and it’s a little embarrassing to admit that I mixed them up.

After the first couple of rounds firing my Century C39, I noticed that the recoil and general operation of that type of rifle felt very foreign. The impulse of steady fire, and reliance on iron sights had become a very odd experience. I also remember previously, that my accuracy with this specific rifle appeared to be better than what it is now. I recall at least getting 2 MOA at 75 feet but was getting double that earlier today.

So you are probably asking yourself, what is the purpose of this story? Well it boils down to something that I’ve been telling everyone recently…
Practice with what you got. I’m not sure when the last time I shot my ‘AKs’ was. I honestly don’t… and if this were an integral part of my self defense/ home defense setup/plan then I’d be in rough shape. I’d neglected practicing with this weapons platform for so long that it’s basically a new experience all over again. In the even that a self defense/ home defense scenario does arise… being in this state degrade is concerning.

I’ll be posting some pics later.