PTR 9CT vs KRISS Vector 9mm SBR… it’s all the AR 9’s fault.

I really caught a bit of a bug when I built and fired my first AR9 build. Something about the ability to fire 9mm rounds out of a rifle/SMG clone was just alluring. Could I have chosen a better firearm to use in the legal situations that come to mind? 😉 Yes. Absolutely… a .223/5.56 AR15 Carbine, or Short Barreled Rifle would get the same job done and far more accurately at distance if necessary.

So what gives?

The AR 9 is identical to it’s AR15 cousin in just about 90% of all noticeable areas. The two core differences being that the AR 9 doesn’t have a gas system, and that the mag well is designed to accept either Modified Uzi Stick Mags, or Glock magazines. I have seen a new style lower from New Frontier Armory which apparently takes MP5 mags… but I’m not sure if that ever really will or has taken off yet. Now the AR9 I build was no frills, very basic, somewhat crude in design compared to the KRISS Vector and the PTR 9CT. But there is definite gravity around the KRISS and PTR.

First… the PTR 9CT is an American made clone of the famous H&K MP5. There were some minor design improvements but the one worth note is the integrated picatinny rail. Searching for a claw mount isn’t really an issue here. PTR ships their 9CT in a molded “Pelican” case with 2 mags, a sighting tool, and a single point sling. The KRISS Vector… came in a cardboard box with 1 mag. Now… I’m not sure if this was the original packaging or if I received an open box item… but that’s what I received. The KRISS is the new kid on the block so to speak. The 9CT Design as the original MP5 has been around for decades as well as the AR15 design that the AR9 stems from. The KRISS’s unique design causes the action to move backwards then down at an angle instead of straight back and forth like the more traditionally designed AR9 and 9CT.

Now with the main functional difference between these three firearms being roughly the design of the KRISS versus the other two… the question arises whether or not the KRISS action regarding recoil mitigation is worth consideration. For me… this wasn’t an issue due to the fact I wanted it in my collection. Outside of that… the 9mm round is so light in terms of recoil in an SBR type firearm that I’m sure the benefit of the KRISS system might not be as noticeable as it would if the caliber in question was larger like a 45ACP or a 10mm.

Moving on to operation… I won’t really say much about the AR9’s operation, mostly due to I have it set up exactly to mirror my AR15. But, I will use it as my baseline… I am VERY comfortable operating my AR15 all around. The 9CT is somewhat familiar in function to the AR9. Loading and dropping a magazine is a little different of course. The 9CT has a paddle release and button release like the MP5. So reloading is not foreign, but the lack of locking open upon last round causes the user to rack and release the charging handle in order for the first round to chamber. The AR9 doesn’t have this function either, but charging the weapon using an AR15 style charging handle can be a little strange for some folks. The KRISS Vector has a folding manual lever that can be pulled and release to load the initial round of a magazine. The downside of the KRISS’s charging handle is that it appears to have a short travel cycle and it has a very short travel area due to it’s unique design During trigger drills, sometimes I wasn’t sure if the action cycled.

I’ll post pics and continue this thought later… I’m tired…