Practice Regularly

At least once a week I hit the range for some live fire trigger time. Or ate least… I try to. Pistol marksmanship degrades quickly if you neglect your skills. Personally I’ve noticed if I go more than 2 weeks without some good trigger time that when I go next it’s harder to get the shot placement that I had previously AND I get the flinches again.

I hate the flinches.

Shooters of all stripes are familiar with the flinches. It’s when you haven’t trained in a while, and when you finally do gun fire causes you to flinch until you get used to it again.

Why does this matter?

In short… if you’re in a self defense situation you need to be as best as you can be in terms of your weapons handling and marksman ship. BUT you also need to be used to the sound of gunfire so that you don’t experience a delay or lapse in economy of motion while you’re in a self defense situation.

These are two very important items from my perspective.

Now go out there and send some rounds down range.

Trigger time with the Glock 19 Gen 5