Glock 19 Gen 5 or Sig P226 Elite (AKA a Shitty Blog Post)

Word on the street is that the Navy SEALs have switched from their Sig Sauer P226 to the Glock 19.  While both of these pistols are very popular in the US market,  it’s easy to see why either of these pistols would end up holstered by such an elite unit.

I’ve owned several Glocks, mostly 17 and 19s Gen 3, 4 and 5.  I’ve also owned one Sig P226 Elite and 2 Sig P229s. (Yes I know the 229s aren’t full size like the 226 but it’s similar enough).

Let’s start with the Glock 19… My first carry pistol was a Glock 19 Gen 3. I chose this as my carry pistol in Virginia due to it’s ease of use, simple design, low weight and decent capacity. The other pistols around this same size all had SOME feature that just didn’t feel right. The fact that the safety is literally on the trigger would negate any kind of mishap with fiddling with a safety if a legit self defense situation occurred. The slight is very minimal , so snagging on clothes or any kind of other gear is not really a big worry. The only issue I could find with the Glock design is that it’s not “Pretty”. There’s no fancy visual features to this gun.  It is a tool that goes bang every time.

I did switch to the Glock 19 Gen 5 and there was one glaring issue that luckily had a easy solution. There’s a magwell cut out in the front of the pistol grip that digs into your pinky finger when both firing and simply gripping the pistol. The cut out was so annoying to me that I almost gave up on the pistol. Pearce Inc, luckly makes an inexpensive mag plate that fixes this issue completely. With the other improvements from the Gen 3 to Gen 5, this fix resolved a huge problem and settled it’s place in my Carry options.

The Sig Sauer P226 Elite is everything a person would think of in terms of a Combat Pistol. It’s heavy, durable,  metal framed, Double Action/ Single Action short reset trigger, decent capacity and accurate. The lack of a safety  can be a little concerning at first, but the fact that the de cocking lever is easily accessible makes up for it.  The capacity is also decent and comes with standard 15 mags, but getting 20 Round mags is not hard and the extension doesn’t take away from the visual aesthetic of the P226. It also doesn’t take away from the function.

Now, I don’t have the model of Glock or Sig 226 that the SEALs field, but the versions I do have access to are probably not that much different. Now if I had to choose between the two…  I can honestly say that I can’t.

Yes I’m that shitty to leave a blog post off on a draw. Each of these pistols are awesome in terms of function and reliability. The unfortunate truth is that it depends on your own preferences to choose between the two.


Oh and yes I warned you this post would be shitty 😉