Everytown Fundraising Ad (Sad)

This ad is what’s wrong with politics nationwide. It’s obvious that whoever drafted this ad is either intentionally being misleading or is just ignorant of what’s occurring in Virginia in response to the proposed Gun legislation.

1) Defending your Second Amendment rights is not extremism.
2)The NRA did not have a hand in the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary movement. That was the VCDL a different organization.
3) The proposed bills are not common sense in any manner. They do not affect criminals, black markets or weapons trafficking at all. Notice that these kind of advertisements don’t actually go into the contents of the bills they are calling common sense. They included GRENADE Launchers as features of an ‘Assault Weapon’ even though Grenade Launchers have not ever (to my knowledge) been available for commercial sale.
4)There is no scientific basis that proves that any bills they are proposing save lives. How do they know they will?

Lastly, these people ban anyone that challenges them on these issues on any media they are active on. They will attempt to get anyone that disagrees removed from any event that they are in attendance for.

These people don’t know anything. They don’t know firearms, they don’t know their opposition. They are willing fully wasting time and money in an effort they have not taken anytime to actually learn about or talk to anyone who has expertise in the subject matter.