BJJ got me back into shape.

Something I’ve struggled with always has been my weight. I’ve never actually been a very small or thin person. In my teens and early adult hood I spent most of my time doing Judo but quit my freshman year of college. Mostly because I had become so accustomed to my Judo School that the idea of practicing somewhere else didn’t seem right and felt like blasphemy.

20 years and about 60 lbs later…

2 Sons, a marriage and adult life hit me fairly hard. There were times where other than lifting weights, it seemed as if losing weight might be a little too hard to do. After pestering everyone I know about wanting to do Judo again , I was specifically forced to try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Being stubborn… I didn’t honestly know anything about BJJ, all I knew is that it wasn’t Judo. I did a class and was hooked. After reading about it when I got home, the weird familiarity I felt during the class was due to BJJ stemming from Judo.

After a while I realized two things. 1) My ability to lift heavy things up and put them down and 2) My lack of any other athleticism was going to kill me one day. I had 115 lb men and women completely destroying my 242lb self.

Simply put BJJ was the hardest thing I ever did.

I stuck with it and not only increased my classes during the week but also changed my diet. I dropped from 242lbs to 194lbs and despite some asthma and knee issues I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I worried a lot the first 2 years of BJJ that I might not be around to see my sons grow up if I didn’t get my weight under control. Your family and distaste with getting beat up because you’re horribly out of shape are two major motivators.

At a competition Masters White Belt 230+ (I was about 235lbs here in an A3 Gi)
(After) 198 lbs wearing an A2 Gi for the first time.