A neat little Glock Upgrade

I’m always on the lookout for quality upgrades for my Glock. Specifically the Glock 19 that I carry concealed. Right now I’ve swapped out the barrel, added a magwell, replaced the sights and infused it with general awesomeness (ok bad joke…. sorry). While none of these upgrades really break the bank, they do improve the general operation of the pistol from my perspective.

The one thing I hadn’t touched yet was the trigger. While the Glock stock trigger isn’t exactly my most favorite thing ever, it is isn’t terrible. While out and about I did notice this Rocket 3.5 Trigger by Ghost Inc. The worst part about the installation of this part actually rested in the fitting. I had to buy different files in order to perform the necessary fitting. Which is actually not a bad thing at all. It proved my previous set of files sucked.

So what about after?

After successful installation I took my Glock out for some trigger time and this is what I noticed :

The trigger is noticeably smoother.

The trigger IS lighter, but not by much. 5lb pull vs 3.5lb pull is a small difference, but it’s there.

I did feel my shot placement was a bit better than with a stock Glock.

Is it worth the $20’ish dollars? For me it’s a yes. I didn’t enjoy the fitting process but with the improvement I felt I think it’s worth it for the price.

I’ll be getting some trigger time in again this weekend and post another update. So far though, I’m digging it…