A good combo for Home Defence/Self Defense

In my opinion a  decent Home Defense/Self defense combo to have on hand is an AR-9 that accepts Glock mags and a Glock 17/or 19.

So … why is this?

First thing, the 9mm round is extremely common and the recoil is manageable by folks large and small. The second reason is that there is a magazine compatibility between the Carbine and the pistol.  This allows for less items to be carried/ needed to be included in your kit.

Now for urban or even dense suburban situations where  there’s more potential for close quarter combat, this set up isn’t completely ideal but it is very convenient. Alternatively, a more common loadout would be some sort of 223/5.56 carbine and a sidearm. This would increase the amount of items needed in your kit and also add weight.

For example…

The 9mm loadout a client of our has consists of (mainly focusing on his firearms)

-Web Belt (w/ Triple Mag Pouch Attached)

-AR9 Carbine

-3 33-Round Magazines

-Glock 17 w/ 17 Round Pistol Mag.

A more common loadout may closer consist of :

-3 or 4 Ammo Pouch Bandolier

-223/5.56 Carbine

-3 or 4 30 Round  223/5.56 Magazines

-Glock 17

-Double or Triple Pistol Mag Pouch

-2-3 17 Round Pistol Mags

While this doesn’t really seem like much in a list form, the advantage in gear consolidation of the first loadout is a bit apparent.  Less gear to keep track of means less weight to be carrying around.

While the 9mm suffers at distance, it’s enough for the confines of a home, and decent enough to get you home if the need arises.